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Two Cities Who Love
AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

Two Cities Who Love

Poem By Amberlee Carter

this room and all it has to offer,
shadow dancers and empty walls,
the epitome of need;
a long distance phone call from the heart.

all these voiceless hours
grow numb inside my head -
and it seems useless to pretend,
that there is some road destined to combine
the journey of two shooting stars,
as they pass in the sky like soul-mates do in life.

i am perched atop the eaves, listening to a prayer
from a dreamer on bended knee,
and i cannot make out the words,
but the music of his travail sews its way into my soul -
then finds an entry out into space from the slit in my lips,
whispers moist and ready to be kissed.

i loved this frail encounter
a moment longer than any lover ever should,
for in the time it weaved its way
through my veins, i knew -
i could miss this serene silence that
speaks louder than my heart -
and i would find only space between,
what my reality is,
and what i can dream.

i often think
that the world is far too big,
far too wide to believe -
that absence makes the heart grow
more assured of its home,
when all the while two cities who love,
wake alone.

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Comments (3)

you explore feelings in depth without using vulgarity, your poetry is a must thanks for sharing
This poem is achingly beautiful! A heartbeat drifting along the wire or off the satellite!
this is very abstract and contradictory, an outstanding departure from your previous works. much enjoyed here, old friend. Jake