Two Cities

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From my city of streaming emotions,
Your city is mysteriously appealing.
My yearning communicated to you
By the phone lines of unexplained.

Magical attraction, Electric currents
Artificial flowers emitting scent
Bells ringing for the blooming love.

Echoed your voice to my yearning.
My inner city grew warmer with light
Giving me your heart,
You held me tight.

I saw what your heart held inside
The breath and length and everywhere
It was engraved-


On my name, my body and my soul
You’ve successfully laid your claim.
My city you’ve enslaved
In this amorous slavery.

The fog envelops the cities
But neither is sulking, because
Adorned are the two now
In fiery jewellery.

(18 August 2006)

Comments about Two Cities

I saw what your heart held inside The breath and length and everywhere It was engraved- “Preeti” I can see your heart thro' these lines, Preeti-It is so pure and nice.
OMG! ...... Your city of streaming emotions and his city mysteriously apealing.... some imagery this is! ! ! ! Preeti, you are just polishing your skills with every poem.... the more experience you are getting... and the better you get! You absorb so much of lessons of life from all your experiences that it sometimes does amaze the one who reads your work. Your descriptions of the imagery city and your style of narration; your thoughts and your language skills... they all blend so well here.10 was less, wanted to give more, but..........
Preeti, i don't think we're in Kansas anymore...IT'S LIKE YOU PAINTED A BACKDROP OF 'OZ'....Splendid Imagework....crisp structure...Another Fine Pen ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''frank/FJR
Glad to see your city blooming with flowers and with a heady fragrance: -)

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