Two Conservative Politicians

Two conservative politicians at the local agricultural show
I know them by their faces though them I do not personally know
And though I can't say I dislike them they've not personally harmed me
With their way of thinking and what they stand for I for one cannot agree.

Two conservative politicians each in their turn spoke
And there were a few conservative giggles each time they cracked a dry joke
Amongst their conservative admirers not a socialist in sight
To rule for the wealthy only that they do see as their right.

Two conservative politicians they seemed such a boring pair
Wearing dark suits, white shirts and neck ties and well combed greying hair
To me they seemed so boring though their conservative admirers see them as great
And at each round of applause for them their big egos did inflate.

Two conservative politicians at the local show I see
And though they are supposed to be our representatives they don't represent me
For with most of the things they stand for I strongly disagree
As they do nothing for the battlers and those in real poverty.

by Francis Duggan

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