Two Countrymen-A Play

(Stage Opens.)

(A Young Man Helps a Old man)

Young Man- What a Prestigious Moment Has Come For The Great Moment Present Will be a
Huge Sum.

Old Man- With Your Statement Asking for a better Clarification Can You give a better Explanation.

Young Man- Towards Our Country It is that time to be all years As our Country turns Sixty Nine

Old Man- But one Curious Question urges to come does your Curiousity Matches Your Action.

Young Man- Surely my Curiousity Matches my Action Whenever my Country is in trouble
I Am there to pay Special Attention.

Old Man- Your Gesture is Worth to Appreciate Your Efforts Will Certainly Someone Felicitate.

Young Man- All I Need is Proper Guidance Such that my Participation Will become an Assurance.

Old Man- With The Events Happening in our Country Your Presence will Surely be a Effective Feature.

Young Man- Then In Protection of my Country Won't I Reassure?

Old Man- A Severe Violence Broke out because of the Errand Mob Putting Several People in Pickle,

Young Man- Vital is the need to Criticize under the Excuse of pride and prestige their
Personal Interests Didn't they Prioritized? .

Old Man- With The Infiltration on the Border Active Your Active Presence Will have been made
the Difference.

Young Man- When Several People Will Show Vigiliance.

Old Man- Then the Security of the people will be an Assurance.

Young Man- In the Quickest Justice Will have been Achieved.

Old Man- When to report every Single Suspicious Activity People will make it possible.

Young Man- Then in Ensuring Protection of the Country Won't we Capable?

Old Man- By Signing Polls and Petitions.

Young Man- Light up the much needed Ignition.

Old Man- By making groups heat up the discussion and indulge in a conversation.

Young Man- By Giving Valuable Suggestions join the Action.

Both- When in numbers people will show Active Participation then Security of the Country
Will be an Assured Affirmation.


by Rohan Bendre

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