Two Decades Ago

Two decades ago the hero of the town
And he had big dreams of far greater renown
But an unfortunate motoring accident put him in a wheelchair
Yet you never hear him say that life is unfair
With a broken neck he was lucky to survive
His widowed mother his carer she is sixty five
By cruel luck robbed of greatness he has gone through years of physical pain
But he keeps on smiling he never complain
Two decades ago the town's best young athlete
The best in the nation he raced against and beat
After his accident forsaken by the woman who was to be his wife
He is one who knows of the hard knocks of life
One who accepts his misfortunes with dignity and grace
He always does have a big smile on his face.

by Francis Duggan

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Quite a marvellous poem that shows us how hardships actually look like in real life. Thank you for sharing..