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Two Deceptions

Two Deceptions

Poem By Barry Middleton

both are like the falling leaves
a tale that no one ever believes
a passing season and a lover

coming and going of perfume
revolves in an enchanted room
till love consumes a fevered heart

death is the breast of darkest night
a western moon fades from sight
surrendered to its mausoleum

yet we cling to seasons past
affections that can never last
antique lies we choose to cherish

like gardens where maidens stray
and angel spirits croon and sway
and wait to satisfy our hunger

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Comments (32)

I don't know if Barry is still with us, but its wonderful to know that his work still exists to be read and cherished. This poem means more in retrospect then it did before. The wording of this poem evokes something new when reread again and again, Barry I hope wherever you are, take care.
death is the breast of darkest night. a western moon fades from sight.speel binding., so rhythmic and accurate to the event.it is about one evnt but appears to be about on emillin events.it comes directly to heart as an arrow.
In total agreement with Daniel! Also, I sense it may have been partially inspired by William Blake. Such a profound poem! Vivid imagery. And what a beautiful graphic! A magnificent write! Totally worthy of Poem Of The Day! Congratulations, Barry!
A ten, a congratulations and a share on Facebook..Lovely poem..
Congratulations on poem if the day and a wonderful poem at that.