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Two Different People

Once upon a time i was the same,
I had everything to blame,
So now I'm happy and the time isn't right,
Now i don't want to fight.

Would you prefer me if i was down?
Still down and never around.

Do you compare me to her?
You say you don't,
Do you see my face,
And think I'm a disgrace?

All these things i'd like to know,
All these questions that just won't go,
Now it's my time and things arn't right,
True happiness with you is just out of sight.

The image of her just won't shake,
I just don't know if you're being fake,
I want to trust you, to let you in,
But until I'm sure I just can't begin.

So I'm sorry things might not be as expected,
It came as a shock to me too,
All i have to say is,
I really hope we pull through.
Because maybe,
Just maybe,
I love you.

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Hey paul, thanks for that comment, i see what you're saying about its abruptness at times. I'll keep that in mind. thanks... Alex