Two Directions, One Path

Here we are, worlds apart,
Our lives in two directions,
One will search for the hope,
The other for love's resurrection.
Some how as time goes by,
Hope leads to loves finding ties.
Leading both to the middle
The circle of our lives.
Where my search for hope,
finds your search for love,
We will come together and live as one.
We will share everything we do,
You will find love in me and me hope in you.
We will grow old with the love as deep
as before,
I will be loving you forever more.
When I die and you remain you will look back,
To see how two directions took one path.
You will remember me and you will smile with
great affection,
Knowing you were my hope
And I your love's resurrection.

by Angel Morrell

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Wow! ! tears fell as I read this one... so much heart! Good Day..