Two Doors Upon Me

Two doors lay upon me
Hopelessly waiting to be opened
I hold a light that flickers in the shadows
Desperately trying to chose which door to take
But I can never get to the door that I want

People pass me by going their own way
Holding torches, bearing light
Eyes that sparkle in the night
Dreading my place, judging decisions I make

I call out in weariness and fear
Struggling and screaming between the two doors
Until I face nothing but the ground as I fall upon it
I lie there in surrender and feelings of downfall

Suddenly I realized I could just walk away
In an instant I knew I never needed to stay
And that I did until I could no longer see
Two doors waiting for me hopelessly.

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Very well written and expressed. U wouldn't know if U. at least didn't C. this test. The rt. door.? The rt choice.? That's Y. U.R. voiced. The doors not locked only closed. That's Y. U.R. choosed