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Two Elves Of Christmas Past

Moe & Bev - two elves of a past Christmas invasion tale
Worked on OUR maze but, indeed, were bound to fail
With the sharing of traversing here at the EDGE of CHRISTMAS NIGHT
With a mere mention of OUR COMPUTER'S ROUTER LIGHT
They have managed to teach ALL who NEED to KNOW, even in BRAILLE!

**Look to my poem: Embezzlement - January 5,2013- this plan is still very much part of these people's plans... withdrawing what is ours.**

***A poetic story of the blind leading the blind... (back way)
And two people who simply will not quit - line for line...
Theirs is pure POETRY of the: CRIMINAL MIND...
And ways in - un-detected - they hope to find...
Guaranteeing their arrest warrant's very soon to be signed! ! ***

December 20, 2016

By, Theodora Onken

Perhaps to gain access thru the back***


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Oh, hackers at work? I hate those scroungers who circle in the dark waiting for the real workers to go to bed whereupon they sneaky-foot their way into the vault and steal the labor of others. I hate hate hate this if it means you will not post your best because of their nasty cowardly lazy ways.