Two Fingers

Two fingers

Raised her hand in the air
-as to say: "I declare…"
-meant to talk of fingers
-the "Middle" and "Index":
- "…are my best; always help…"

She said, then went through:
- "…are as best as could be…"

All the eyes fixed on her; "Should".

Her lips were red, shiny
-eyebrows, sharp, curvy
-as if arch of Arash
-his arrow her eyelash.

Flat hair on forehead…
-turned her cheek to canvas
-nose small, and lifted
-in her chin a dimple.

"These fingers…" said she;
-lighting her cigarette
-setting right between lips
-to redden the filer, lipstick's.

Danced flame of lighter
-in breeze, yellow, red
-smoke invisible,
-and heat untouchable
-except by tobacco
-and paper around it.

Sucked the air too deep in,
-letting it down to ribs
-through the hard filter.

Her chest moved with lemons
-sitting there on those bones
-to men's eyes poison
-hallucinating and pleasure…

She inhaled the smoke
-as serpent with victim
-and exhaled the snake.

Circles danced on exit
-soon after dispersing
-as soldiers' retreat
-when losing war, defeat
-holding guns upside down
-or ignored, left behind...

The smoke from lungs
-knew war had been lost
-when it faced the weather
-cold, bitter, in winter
-on and off, breeze, gust.

Enemy wins the fight
-commanders are in charge.

"These fingers…"
-decided and meant to complete.
-Freezing temperature stopped her.
-She shivered, pulled jacket and zipper.
-And ran back to the working place…

"What about smoking in the car? "
-asked friend for a joke to have fun.

"Use same two but left hand's…"
-she replied sharp and fast
-as if an "Stand-up"
-preparing stage.

"What is in smoking in the cold? "
-came to her by many, as question
-with smiles and frowns; as clouds frozen
-or flakes of snow dancing wild everywhere.

"It is not cigarette…nor smoke that matter, "
-she said then a break and pedalled:
- "I enjoy adventure; that, to me, is matter."

by Nassy Fesharaki

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