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Two Flags To War

Young brave men, went to war,
men who had never
left their homes before.
these proud young men,
with heads held high,
marched down the street.
On their way to die,
Their cause, was freedom
which was now at stake
Where brother fought brother,
at a costly awake.
In the green of the land,
the North fought the South,
from the plains of Virginia
to the Platomac mouth.
A Yanky in blue, and a Rebel in grey,
both carrying a flag,
to win the battle of the day.
From the deafening sound,
they fought their battle,
charging with bayonets,
into the cannon rattle,
First came the blood, then the crying.
from men lying crumpled,
wounded or dying,
and still they came with shouts of glory.
Each ones flag,
telling a different story.
The Union Flag was placed in position,
The Rebel army
had fallen to submission.
Lee had surrendered, the treaty was signed.
Men came home,
battle scared and blind,
Blind of the time, when they fought together
The Yankee boy who won the day
and the Johnny Reb
with his coat of grey.
Both flags are one, they now unite
to a land, that gives freedom
as of right.

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I live not too far from a major battlefield of the Civil War, and they say that there is one creek there that had so many dead soldiers in it that the water turned red that day, and the name to this day is Bloody Creek. When you walk the battlefields, no matter how long ago it was, you feel the souls of those who died there. How very sad. Love this work. Scarlett
Another great write from you Sylvia, full of Duncan