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Two For One(Warning Grim Contents)
MN (12/17/33 / Chicago, Illinois)

Two For One(Warning Grim Contents)

The rain patters with tiny crystalline taps,
on my windshield. With brittle glass
pencils it traces the image of your face,
until I see it in the beaded lace,
of my windshield.

Bitter tears spill down my cheeks as I
try in vain to touch that place on the pane.
Helplessly I listen and watch,
as the rain sketches a diamond lane,
through my heart's pain, across my windshield.

Last night, the news blared, there was one
victim in yesterday's drive by.
Darling, it wasn't true. There were two.

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Wow... thanks for the warning, Mary. Tragic, but at the same time, a great write! Brian