(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

Two Fortune Tellers Said

When Vera and I first met,
a second marriage
was the last thing on her mind.
Her first husband had not long run off
with a fourteen year old
and left this world in a suicide pact.

Some years earlier,
a Fortuneteller had told her
she would never end her days with him.
She would meet a tall dark person
sooner than she thought.
She shrugged off the suggestion,
as she never wanted to marry again.

With a failed marriage
that only brought her grief.
She was not going to take the chance again.
Once was enough.
She could never trust
anyone again.

Years earlier in my life
a Fortuneteller told me
I would settle down
with someone with the initial D.
My way of thinking that was a Christian name
like Dorothy or Diane,
but not a surname.

When her husband died
being a friend I attended his funeral,
never dreaming that one day
his widow would
eventually become my wife.
After all her name began
with a V and not a D.

Then a group of his friends
met one night in a coffee bar.
Someone suggested one of us
take her out for an evening.
As there were no takers,
so I volunteered.
However, I joke about it now.

We went out together
time and time again.
When I asked her to marry me,
she wasn’t really sure.
Memories of her previous marriage
kept plaguing her,
but eventually she said yes.

After we were married,
she could not totally trust.
Even though she was reassured
that I was not like her first husband
and wouldn’t cheat on her.
That I wasn’t like that.

Almost two years passed
before trust slowly returned.
It was then she realised
that I was the one
the Fortuneteller had told her about.
You cannot get much taller than six foot three.

As for me and the initial D.
Vera’s married surname
began with the initial D.
Here we are through troubles thick and thin
fast approaching
our 38th Wedding Anniversary.

We’ve hardly been parted
within those years.
Not because of distrust,
but because of love.
We get lonely
whenever we are apart.

Now as for fortune-tellers,
I’m not sure what to believe.
It would seem a coincidence
that two different people
would predict our lives together.
This is true and I wonder
was it just a lucky guess,
or is there more to it.
I’ll let you decide.

21 March 2008

by David Harris

Comments (7)

Happy anniverary and may you have many more.I give predictions, too and I believe in psychic ability even though science cannot give a plausible explaination for how it works.Good poem makes me think.Thankyou.
lol! ! ! ! nice....fortune tellers all.....ofcourse..u make me believe in them with this story of urs........congratulations to both of u............ love reshma
Call it what you will If it was written in the stars For you both were meant to be And you didn't have to look that far
Oh, David..ha ha ha..wow, what a nice love story you have here. you know, i don't believe in fortune tellers, but i know God was with you both all the time in your life.The Lord must be smiling all the time, and happy that you both landed in each other's arms..I am happy too, for the two of you..I love you both with all my heart..Keep that fire burning in each other's heart..You MUST.. and that's an order from this little romantic sister of yours...lol wow, David, i love this..
David what a thoroughly uplifting story - more like a fairytale really - and told with real flair. Not sure about the fortune teller, but what you say about the 'building of trust' is so true. When trust has been broken, it takes time and lots of it, to restore it. So glad you two found each other and may you continue to have more years together to celebrate your love. This poem has certainly brightened up a rather gloomy sky outside my window. Thanks. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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