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Two Friends

The two of them sat side by side
Watching the once vibrant sun, as it quietly set,
Colors comingled, crimson, white and gold,
Remembering the times they could hardly forget.

And they touched each other, gently,
The way dear friends often do,
And looked at each other and smiled,
For time was drawing short, soon to be through.

What but that life could have been different?
Whispered the one friend to the other,
That it could have allowed more room for you and me?
Instead of one whereas of a sister, and a brother?

If not for circumstance or the eternal ring,
Would it be otherwise, or - still be the same?
Human emotion, the most unfathomable of all realms!
Mysteries of the cosmos are far easier explained.

Alas! Too soon, the colors waned and disappeared,
All that was left was soft coolness and two heartbeats.
Looking ahead to the moments that remained,
Would a new sun arise, or just two lives incomplete?

Ah, c'est la vie, they agreed and sighed,
Though, you know - that hardly makes it right,
Protested the other friend, to the one back.
But, being much too late, it was time to say good night.

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