Two Frogs Perished At Annville Paradise

Once upon the time there were two frogs
At my Annville Paradise Koi ponds
One frog was big and the other small
One croaked and the other too young to make a call.
They came there as spring guests
And they became my pond pets.
I could watch them but I couldn’t pet.
They basked on pond edging rocks
They hid themselves near waterlily pads
I watched them often so they let me come close
They didn’t jump when they hear my foot steps
They both grew in size and courage
I enjoyed the croaks when I walked around
Or when I rested on my gazebo hammock.
Today I lie on my Gazebo hammock for my noon rest
I hear no croaks of my pond frog.
I enjoy ever changing melodies of Corinthian wind chimes
But I miss croaking rhymes of my frog.
At the first Paradise
The serpent tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit
But at my Annville Paradise
A black serpent devoured my frogs the previous night.
After checking around my Koi ponds and lily pads
I recognize that no longer I have my pets
A sudden melancholy sinks in my heart.



Comments (2)

I like frog too. Your poem, Two Frogs Perishes At Annville Paradise, is very interesting.
Meaningful in its notes of friendship and loss.