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Two Hearts~

Do not leave me now my love - my darling

For i have waited for thee in a most lofty place

Come bring me forth unto the light of our heaven

For i swoon at the mere sight of your face

In your company - i am transported

Into the vault of ecstacys eternal flame

Floating through ethereal skies of contentment

Whenever - i hear - the mere mention of your name

You are as the magic of a sunny day

Inducing all of me into a most fervent trance

Gliding above in the Firmaments love garden-i am

Tarry not my love-as we come together-at last- we dance

By, Theodora Onken

April 2,2015

* Spring is here and love is in the air
** Dedicated to new lovers everywhere.

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Mj. Thank you so very much. You are always so generous with your comments.
Such excellent writing...Only thing I can say is...such a great love poem.
Princess, thank you for your wonderful review of this poem. It is so very much appreciated.
Thank you so very much Sandra. Writing about love is one of my favorite things to do. Inspiration - is the Spring and the perhaps awakening of two new loves in my family. Love all of your poetry and plan on reading more of it. Thank you, again, Sandra.
Poets love, Love But not all can speak of It, And make hearts really throb. As is the case, For this lovely poem of 2 hearts, Beating as One.