Two Hurricanes And Twelve Haiku

Africa sires these
perfect spirals-hurricanes,
next to nothing pains.

Wind glances, dances,
finds ways where else perchances;
feels like going home.

Brisk. Eyes to slits now;
leaning for next step takes all;
this bobbing likes me.

Can not stand up now.
Everyone huddles in halls
praying just to live.

High Sun do-si-dos
flips the waves and no one knows
this lull's foolish hope.

Water and our wills
merge and melt; all else, who cares?
Hurricanes beware.

Get out while you can.
By tomorrow you'll be stuck
yelling at 'The Man'.

Seven hundred miles
wide open, Katrina cared
none; for those she came.

Before 'The Storm' came
terror was known in Iraq.
Now, it's just out back.

Tears mingle sweat, slime;
rush to put back all Ivan
took out in no time.

lifeblood for everything, made
dead. Darkness to wade.

Katrina, Ivan-
human names for hurricanes;
time to start again.

by edward serof

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