Two In The Bush...

I came out of nowhere,
it did too,

it did did did did,

four times....

and it's very long jaw stretched
further and further along
the blue and orange back drop sky,

it caught my eye,
jump started me, heart & mind,

but I was gliding past,
the vastness of thinking
I was right there,
and properly looking as such,

But I don't know the whole

should it follow up,
change direction,

when I reached the sands,
which was scattered and thick
with dark debris,

and I was looking out
from within,
had forgotten the hard
luck of earth & death,

it was like somebody
had covered everything
in thick black pen,

I could have been part
of some bigger picture,
I guess?

make me part of it,

I'd rather feel that
there's some other
reason, for me, out
here, driven to find
places that don't usually
merit many eyes,

and run amok, with you...


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