Two Line Poems

Poem By Alfred Ramos

I hate two line poems
I don'tstretch the truth
As far as I can
Embellish it a bit
My pencil doesn’t know when to quit
Bend and balance on a fence
I may teeter to the right
Views a tad abstentious
But I try with all my might
Not erase what is obvious
Two line poems aren't even a sentence
Just a thought that raced past one of your senses
I try to see more than what is there
A dark beauty in a dark hole
A rainbow of hope escapes my mind
A two line poem is a death sentence to grammar
Left at the starting line of creativity
I come not to praise them but to bury them
Open your heart to a world of word wonder
A two line poem I cannot ponder

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Alfred, i hope you read my piece 'The Problem With Long Poems'. Let's keep writing.

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