Two Liners (Snippets Of Life 61-70)

61. Failed Prediction

They warned about two cyclones forthcoming
Diverted en route they left a blessing

62.City's Scare

Intruding bike-race interspersed with streets
Racing crashes threaten the mob to fleet

63. In The Cinema Theatre

National anthem played before film starts
Some show their dislike...fools aren't patriots

64. Temple Looters

Is God bored of being locked in temples?
Why then He absconds with thieves as idols?

65. Killing Narrow Precincts

Hanuman is templed on that hill top
Bhaktas played like Him but to die from top

66. Elderly Suicide

They lived for the sake of their children long
Aged uncared they longed for suicide-song

67.Changing Clemency

Rain has stopped.Change of weather has set in
Fear of mosquitoes...dengue shouldn't set in

68.December Delight

Woes aside, December has sprung up cute
Festivities of music and dance shoot


Recountingof last year is everywhere
Except Time that looks not back for ever


The winter sun wakes up too lazily
A Bright New Year wakes it fast hopefully

by Indira Renganathan

Comments (3)

Recounting of last year is everywhere. December has delighted and gone so far. This beautiful year has come near with arrival of January. A nice poem is interestingly penned.10
Wise lines.Enjoyed much. Wish you Madam a very Happy and prosperous New Year.
Fabulous two liners dear madam! New Year Greetings 2018