Two Liners (Snippets Of Life 71-80on Chennai Music Season)

71. Month Of Margazhi

A Goddess too elegant from heavens
A damsel laurelled with music and dance

72. The Rich Musical Tradition

Having been honoured is Chennai's big pride
By UNESCO for its musical strides

73.Morning Invocation

Invoked by hymns and bhajans Aurora
Puja and prasad in great plethora

74a. Daylong Festivities

Vocal, instrumental music concerts
Demonstrations and discussions all sorts

74b. Added Flavour

Dance concerts and divine discourses join
Many forms of old, modern and fusion

75. More To Add

Research studies meet at conferences
Awards, tributes to boost self confidence

76. Attire And Accessories

Attire and accessories glittery
Artists do excel in their mastery

77. Venues

Sabhas rent or own halls for the concerts
Without fail canteens too to feast perfect

78. Applause

Well trained talents recognised and admired
Young to old well received and applauded

79. Promising Participation

Indian and foreign artists take part
Fans worldwide come to enjoy with whole heart

80. Traditionality, Seasonality

Grown season growing seasoned year by year
Notably a large event year by year

by Indira Renganathan

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Great two liners! With your keen observation and talent you have given us such a vivid picture of musical celebrations of Chennai. Enjoyed it.
Your Two Liners (Stanza 71-80) carries vivid details of Chennai Music Season and event brilliantly decorated in poetic expression! Thanks dear madam for sharing!