JWK ( / Germantown, Maryland)

Two Men Fishing

Two men stood fishing only yards apart on a sandy windswept beach
Neither established eye contact, and neither preferred to speak
But each looked deep at the other when the other was turned away
And each saw some of himself as he gazed at the other that day
The older man saw himself as he thought he was many years before
Strong and self-confident, unafraid and secure
The younger man saw a glimpse of the future, a man true of his ideals
A man with some faults, but a man worth knowing because of his knowledge of wheels
Each man thought of the other as one of only one
For you see on that windy sandy beach stood a father and his son
And the older man's fears will eventually come true, as life's like a stream flowing past
But with luck, some day, another two men will stand there with rods to cast
The one thing left unsaid by the paltry few lines of this rhyme
Is the love each man has for the other, a love never changing with time

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It's really a touching poem. When I read the title, I didn't guess the deepness that the poem would have. It goes, deeper than the skin. Very good.
A touching poem, particularly in the first four lines. Well rhymed, and not spoiled by the slightly irregular lines. But I wonder, what is the significance of 'a man worth knowing because of his knowledge of wheels'? Was this simply to make a rhyme for 'ideals'? That couplet might repay some re-working.
The bond t'ween a father and son... Hopely n'ee'r to end but always to run. As they fish... Emptied hooks with only a thoughtful wish. Lets cast our lines to catch a bunch... Perhaps on later the poles will bend or crunch. Happy days of fishing of a father and son... May this day of day lead to more days of days and fun in the sun. I totally enjoyed your poem kind sir. An easy tenner here t'was given. God bless all poets-MJG.