Two Million Tears

Two million tears, that is what I have cried for you
But, that is only the count so far
Two million tears, a steady drip, drip drop…
From my soul, dropping down in even procession
Until there were so many that the tears formed an ocean
An ocean of tears, all for you, my dear

Seconds passed into minutes
Minutes passed into hours
Hours passed into days
Days passed into weeks
Weeks passed into months
Months passed into years

And still the tears continued to fall

So many tears that like a river wears rock into a canyon
The tears wore a trail into my face
And transformed me into someone else
A sad desolate soul with no purpose
Other than to cry tears for you

Remember when we used to say to infinity and beyond
Now, all I know is that I have lost count of my tears along the way
And the tears, not happiness, go on to infinity
So, so many tears, that I lose count
Just as I lose my breath
When I think of the one who made me cry
Two million tears…

And counting…

by Lesley St. Marys

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