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Two More Days To Go
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Two More Days To Go

Poem By Lilly D'souza

“ Two more days to go, for the exams to get over” I yelled
But there was just no response at all.
I bent a little, to see her reaction.
Yes, reaction of my mother, you know?

She just carried on peeling the carrots as usual,
Not even blinking her eye on my yell.
I thought, let me shake her
In other words, let me wake her.

My mother’s been spending her days and nights
Preparing for me the question papers not to my delight.
I thought this was a nice time to tell her
The effort is not worth against her ill health.

I went close to her, held her by the waist and said,
“Oh mama, now you’ll have some relief,
Just two more papers and there’ll be an end to all the grief”.
All I saw was, her eyeballs moving from the carrot towards me.

I looked down at the floor and then just raised my eyes above.
My mother just cleared her throat and said to me aloud.
“Two days to go. Yes I too am waiting for two days to go.
Cause after that you’ve got to start preparing for your General knowledge test”.

“ Oh no, mom, not so soon again.
Why can’t you understand, all these tests are of no gain”.
Mom slipped the peeler in the basin, cleared her hands and moved.
I followed her to request her, these tests keep running in chains.

“Oh mama, please, please do not put me to more tests
I assure you without these exams, I’ll do the best”.
My mother is a very unconvincing lady you know?
Trying to convince her would be more scoreful than all the tests.

My mama moved from the kitchen to the bedroom.
I did not give up and followed her trying to help her with the apron.
I kept the apron on the shelf at the side of the bed
“That’s not the place to keep the apron” came a scream.

For a second it seemed like the volcano erupting
I could feel the heat from my head to feet.
I realized it was not working for me, so I reminded mom in an energetic voice
“Wow! Two more days mom, for the General Knowledge test to begin.

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