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A Story Of The Holocaust

life was great
at that time
everything was good
we were all fine

one day it seemed
something wasn't right
people were different
dead as night

a little gold star?
that's kind of weird
the worst was to come
or so i feared

next came the ghettos
so small, so crammed
windows boarded up
all doors slammed

i was becoming scared
this is kind of creepy
a noise in the kitchen
my mother weeping

'mother what's wrong?
are you okay'
'remember who you are'
she would say

a train ride south
sounded like fun
all so close
together like one

no room to move
i'm hardly breathing
we came to a stop
people screaming

thrown out the door
one by one
the SS shoving
by the butts of their guns

women and children
move to the right
men go to the left
shot if you fight

everything taken
our family and friends
how do we survive
and make it to the end?

clothes, possessions
our shoes and names
branded with numbers
Germans to blame

they shaved our heads
took all our hair
gave us nothing
but clothes to wear

little did we know
of what we were wearing
a deadman's outfit
he lay there staring

the smoke flew
and raised up high
the bodies of Jews
burning alive

off in the distance
shot by shot
a baby's cry - silenced
for that's all they got

i have survived
some had no chance
love what you are
and never look back

keep your eyes forward
always look straight
learn to love
and never to hate.

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