AW (21st May 1970 / Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Two Roads Rant

Let the light in your eye
Say goodbye to your old ways -
The days of darkness and loveless
Cold, veiled distant resistance
To sun and warmth and love.
Not obsession, rejection, revolution.
Driven to distraction using only a
Fraction of your lonely intellect,
Selectively cutting out with intent
Fundamental patterns to deaden the
Sensation of elation and contrasting
Deflation due to sustained
Dedication and devotion to the emotion
Caused by the rotation of
The earth round the sun.

The fool on the hill took a pill,
Sat down, looked round - saw the
Laws of the world, truth unfurled
But the pill was the bill from his
Father's will (for the record) causing dischord
So the vision was distorted by the
Shortcut and the world was sold
For ill.

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