Two Roses

Two roses lived in a forest form
one a beauty, one a thorn The beauty lived with one only thought
to live long, till summer's drought The thorn wanted not to blush unseen
beneath the pine and evergreen A fair maiden came to pluck one away
to rest on her bosom one spring day The beauty she took in full bloom
placed near her heart, but solemnly doomed It was admired and kissed by her mate
sulking and withering, it cursed its fate Through the season many a maiden's foot bore
along the path on the forest floor And how the thorn yearned for the fingertips
the love, the smile, the sweet-sweet lips But alas, its desires ended in vain
for life passed in a late winter's rain And what a fate it is to blush unseen
beneath life's forest and evergreen

by Dale Cody

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