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Two's Company
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Two's Company

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

Today I AM so full of spunk
that I would like to share:
there's something on a woman's trunk
that wasn't always there.
So I am here to really praise
the female breast, one just has two.
Let me describe them in a phrase,
so others, that's including you,
can be aware of crucial facts.
It keeps one's thought process intact.

A soft, delicious roundness starts
at pectoralis muscle's reach.
To look at them, it almost smarts,
the texture at the base is peach.
It curves quite gently from all sides
to culminate toward the nipple.
The colour changes at a ripple
of tissue borders, as this slides
from alveolar dark temptation
to tiny, glandular white skin.
My eyes go through a strange sensation
when looking from the top, and in
the so-called cleavage, the divide
that keeps them both within their places.
Lest one might go to override
the other. Have there been cases?
Enough of this now, just to say,
of all the female body features,
there's nothing scrumptious more than they,
these lovely sweet, delicious creatures.
Did you expect me to write more?
I'm sorry weather's turning cool,
my writing swam away before.
It was when I began to drool.

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