Two Sad Steps Of Earth To A Grave

'B.L. Flag' goes to the front, marching with that swagger.
Garibaldi red shirts a true cause, worthy volunteer mixtures.
Soldiers cheering exultingly, carried on cold wisps of wind.

Dispensing emblematic habits, where glorious thoughts die.
Vagaries of victory are unfolding, smelling of battle smoke.
A King of Naples Piedmont's, those gallant battles are lost.

Glorious death is immense, laying in sad remote desolation.
living in a cruel world, a mothers son lost she is mourning.
Conjuring reflections, an edge of time is forever silenced.

Beautiful lingering sanctity, orchid flowers growing wild.
Two steps of earth to a grave, a victorious life laying under.
White sand and sea shells lay, green lands and oceans meet.

Garibaldi a hero of two Worlds, unselfish lives given up.
Many of Italy's brave red shirts, from Caprera to Naples.
Brave warriors Gone To Rest, beneath a torn 'B.L. Flag'

by Anthony Fry

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