I am dedicated to you,
But not appreciated by you.
You know everything I do,
It’s all for you.

Every time I feel I’m on a
One way street,
Continuously walking we
Never meet.

Why is this one sided?
Don’t you know how much
I love and care for you?
Trying so hard to be good to you.

Baby I’ll lay down my life for
The kids and you,
Because that’s what a true
Woman is suppose to do.

What do you want from me?

What am I doing wrong?

You answer these questions to this broken heart poem.

by Judy Hill

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Oh! Nature is the best teacher!
That this poem struck a chord in the human heart is evident from the various comments. I liked that the poet didn't preach or lecture, he allowed his heart to speak and our hearts smiled and agreed.
Life is the best open school available.. ofcourse free but takes fees in the form of painful experiences.. yet we force ourselves and our children to stay put in the confines of brick and mortar schools and learn by rote.. while the brook and the birds sing and gurgle outside! ! Set the children free, both small ones and the ones inside us..
A lot of inspiration from this poem for a good learning what life is.
This is so similar to what our very own Tagore wrote in his story ''Tota Kahini. All great men think alike.
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