GL (June 1988 / England)

Two Sides

You stand and speak and everyone seems to listen
Or you stand and hope that evryone is listening

You cry and get every ounce of comfort
Or you lie and force people under your deceit

You smile and melt a loved ones heartache
Or you laugh and leave the truth to hide away

You leave with all the world gathered in your hand
Or you leave with as many consequences as there are grains of sand

You tell stories of the young and the old
Or you tell stories as your own unfolds

You make friends who play a part in your life
Or you make friends and then cause them strife

You listen intentively and give advice
Or you listen and take every thing that you need

You write and the comments are of plenty
Or you write and comments are because of fiction

You want and things are placed before you
Or I want and everything is ignored

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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