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Two Sides Of An Unresolved Argument
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

Two Sides Of An Unresolved Argument

Poem By Alison Cassidy

Your voice of beaten bronze
that seduces and charms
can deliver expletives
that would make a sailor blush

Your eyes, dark chocolate pools
that swallow my gaze with desire
sometimes glare with such
ferocity they terrify

Your arms that hold me with
protective tenderness
can deliver punches that
KO opponents in the ring

your pen that coaxes words
from deep inside to touch my soul
can fire poisoned arrows
to disfigure and destroy

I need the black and the white of you
the sun and the moon of you
I need both sides of this
unresolved argument that is you.

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Comments (9)

Two sides of one man...we have to accept it. You have put this down so well! ! It'll never be just the roses. We'll have to accept the thorns too. So much this says to me. The reader of this is asking for a magnificent poem, all about truth.Great! ! xxxElysabeth
The wonder and range of the oceans of emotions. We all have this duality but to different degrees. Sounds as if this man of yours is one of the vivid rainbow people - deep feelings/bright colours from one end of the spectrum to the other! Superb piece of psychological analysis/insight and very fine poetry! xx jim
Brilliant contradictions and complexities... 'superb' indeed. Brian
Allie...I am spot -on wih Tara's SPOT-ON! Superb Work, Allie....luv the flow of your Poems, & on this piece, luv the closing stanza'''''''''FJR
AAA - this is, to put it simply, spot-on. A superb piece. It makes the brain-cells churn and it makes the heart yearn. t x
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