AR (july 9,1994 / tx)

Two Sides To Every Story

I'm so in love
So in love wit you, maybe it's just the things you do
I don't know, I don't even care, as long as this feeling stays here
For once in life i can say that I'm truly happy
Everything going just right, then you popped into my life
You've showed me there are two side to every story: two feelings connected to every emotion
that there's passion even in hate and anger
That even in the darkest of times, your love will be within me
In pain that I'll always be able to find pleasure
For what is love without pain, and how would one know joy without sadness?
Everytime I see you, even just hear your voice, i can imagine feeling your passion filling me
Pumping in and out of my body, filling me with a pulse of your own
In our pleasure we show inocence
Innocence hitting my body as beads of sweat, cascading down yours
I see your musclies flexing above me, and see beauty in you, your body
The end is coming near, and i feel you release your energy into me
And i feel pain and passion, love and joy...
Because after all there's two sides to every story

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