Two Snipers

Slumber quiets the stressed out mind
as body sinks to fog
allows one of two, team mated duo
relief from living's slog
restive breath survival beget
thoughts run amuck agog
respite contrite deduction miffed
duty directive's sprog.

Solitude becomes life's shadowy twin
as round this world turns
creations missing link defined
as innuendo and intrigue churns
healing rights, the will to kill
anger stirs as peace adjourns
Bersaglieri, blood let elite
living's juncture sans life's concerns.

Stealthful means deride the mix
of health and long of home
fury's myth, three headed beasts
masters mocking livid tome
arise the ire of dark's red eyes
tired peace victim of gloom
within loneliness lays last rest
casket for two deep sixed in loam.

Speaking points mull breath of each
as sights and triggers ready
thoughts past this sordid world
in an individual search of Mahdi
releases gist of togetherness
choice is for each to embody
truths stretched
shot ripped its flesh off realization's potty!

Camouflage dress adorns
this bride of guile and hateful scorn
living's end unthoughtful blend
of blame in failure's bourne
devious deeds done by two
towards each relationship we mourn
nature tries two snipers
guilty pair of man and wife forlorn.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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