Two Snow Geese

Two snow geese flew past me today
As I watched my dreams take off.
They landed elegantly, on the lake,
Like two feathers floating down,
They preened and squawked and
Rested in the warm, Spring afternoon.
The wind ruffled their feathers and
Breezed across the water, as my heart
Sank to the bottom. Fishes swam
Deliriously content in the rippling waves
Which whipped up in the frenzy as the
Gale crashed through the trees - as if
Hypnotized by the glassy, silver water.
I quietly sat and breathed in the air
As the snow geese flew away!
I wondered if everyone felt this beauty
And enjoyed the solitude or was I the
Only one to take time out from my day
To appreciate God's beauty in the gifts
He's daily given us. A cotton wool cloud
Sailed overhead and reminded me life
Is so precious - it's too short to waste our
Valuable time, immersed in stress and
Hassle, so next time you see a snow goose
Sharing his space with you, remember we
Are only caretakers of the hearts and bodies
We were given - spare a thought for just how
Fleeting - one little day becomes. Try to fill it
With nature's gifts and be a part of this
Glorious scene, for God meant all of us to
Enjoy this paradise on earth.

by Anne Davies

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