Two Sorts Of Spiritual People

There are two sorts of spiritual people one false and one true
The former scarcely worth knowing to the latter respect is due
And many false spiritual people as we already know
And their numbers in thousands if not in millions do grow
Wisdom and spirituality they try to claim for their own
But the seeds of their self professed greatness in falseness are sown
Just power hungry people suffering of low self esteem
Not what they want you think they are that's how it does seem
Their need for respect and recognition they do take too far
And yet many of the naive in awe of how marvellous they are
The truly wise and spiritual recognition never do crave
And our respect for such people we only should save
The difference between them like the difference between a plastic and a real rose
But the honourable in minority one would have to suppose.

by Francis Duggan

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