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Two Souls
TC ( / Mississippi)

Two Souls

As i sit quietly swimming in a sea of thoughts.

The most imminent epiphany bouncing between my two halves on this eve of tomorrow.

Is not how well i shall exit.

Instead, it is the moment two souls brushed at a crossroad.

One soul tattooed by the scars of wintering.

The other radiant with the spring of life.

Witnessing the beauty of two emerald portals.

Thankful now the waves i endured crossing oceans of time.

Failed in their attempt of adding to the growing graveyard.

Reminiscing of the space we shared.

The anticipation of the next intellectual encounter urges me to covet with the gravitational grip of a black hole.

I am thankful for the experience and shall treasure each sempiternal second

Hoping for the pleasure of hearing my name on her vocals once more.

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