KNR (August 28,1976 / Southern Oklahoma... )

Fierce Winter Storm

The storm raged in over night
Yes, nature had a plan
It brought terrible conditions
For plant, or beast, or man

It came in so very quickly
The wind was hard and fierce
And when I stepped outside
My lungs and face it pierced

Locked in winter's embrace
The world was cold and hard
Frail dry grass was transformed
As I looked out into my yard

The fences were laced with ice cycles
Rock solid they were from the cold
It was so astounding to watch
The winter ice storm unfold

Not a thing was able to move
If the wind blew we’d never tell
It’s the perfect scene to capture
Photographers and artists as well

It’s amazing what nature can do
And tomorrow it could be quite warm
But for now I’ll take out my camera
And capture this fierce winter storm!

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I love this poem Kristin, it evokes a warm feeling of togetherness! Hope it's the case for you my sister XX loads of hugs Karen XX
Archaic lovers...wish i had thought of that...Kris, no surprises here...When you pen...people read...i know, cuz im one of those people! Great Penning, young lady ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' FRANKSTER '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''