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Fear, Anxiety & God's Love

Jesus understands the hardships we face
And is moved by compassion to save us.
That’s why we should follow in His footsteps
To obey, serve, preach, love and trust.

Humans are concerned about life, death, love and money
But only God can reveal our true self within.
By prayer, submission, trust and gratitude
We are blessed to avoid the heartbreak of sin.

Our fears and anxieties are always ongoing
And their number most likely will multiply.
As we live to walk the path of Jesus
We feel heaven shall await us when we die.

God knew what He was divinely creating
When He made us to seek His love.
It helps us to be less selfish, hateful and cruel
As He juries what we practice from above.

God’s love is the only reason man still survives
Without it hatred, fear and lust rule night and day.
Love helps us become more considerate, helpful and kind
As for others we labor, worry, provide, protect and pray.

By God's Poet
Tom Zart
Most Published Poet
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