Two Such Men

Mal Brown and Robert DiePier Domenico two ex A F L greats in trouble over racist remarks of late
They ought to have known that such obnoxious behaviour the majority of people do not tolerate
In their prime years they were champion footballers but there's more to a man than being good at football
Physically big and strong but in other ways quite lacking but only real good people have it all
They should have known their every word is noted some people do not think before they speak
They should have kept their ill thought words as private yet who amongst us in some way not weak
Such people are looked up to as role models though 'tis not by good example they do lead
Of poor behaviour of famous sporting people too often we do hear about and read
There's more to one than being wealthy and famous though their names will live on in sporting renown
But it should go without saying that Mal and Dipper by their racist remarks have left themselves down
They should have known their every public word is noted ill chosen words can cause offence one should realize
But like 'tis said of men all men grow older but some men as they age do not grow wise
And two such men are Mal Brown and the Dipper Australian Rules footballers of renown
By lovers of sport well known throughout Australia in every city and village and town.

by Francis Duggan

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