Two Thousand And Twelve

Those who into the future in their psyche do delve
Predict great World changes in two thousand and twelve
And so few great change with a big smile does greet
A huge challenge 'twould seem for all for to meet.

That the changes won't be too great one only can hope
For with change many people do struggle to cope
With climate and environmental changes the challenge of us ahead
But hope does spring eternal when all else seems dead.

The Mayans great seers their history is old
The rise and fall of the Empires by them was foretold
Accurate in their predictions and not known to pretend
In two thousand and twelve their calendar does end.

Don't ask me what will happen in two thousand and twelve since I would not have a clue
Perhaps as individuals we will receive the karma we are due
The Universal karma it is there for us all
And we are the instigators of our own downfall.

by Francis Duggan

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