WA ( / Manchester, England.)

Two Towers Of Might!

Alone sat I 'gainst an old English oak
In meadowgrass up to my head.
Did sadness befall me and tears to revoke
Those memories best left unsaid.
Two visions ensnared to leave me impaired
Not thinking, not living just ghostly aware
Of what once was, once lived, once cared.
A violent start on a rickety road
A blow here and there-saw plenty of stars!
Not twinkling bright or a heavenly sight
Just a shooting pain to add to the scars.
Two visions implode to lighten the load
And blacken thy sky and blacken thine eyes
To a deafening roar of pitiful lies.
And pillars of might more precious than gold
Rise up from the rubble the zenith their goal
And all of the malice that wrought such ill
Fills up thy head, thine eyes so watery skies
That see no evil, fear no evil- will pour
Their valiance when September cries.

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