Two Types

Two types of people,
In this world today,
Those who are feared,
And those of us afraid.

The feared rampage,
Shouting their way,
Scorning and bullying,
Each new day.

Those of us afraid,
Live in fear,
We hide in the shadows,
We shed a quiet tear.

But what if we,
Chose to fight?
Stamped our feet,
Showed our might?

Would things change?
Would they improve?
Would we still function?
Would we still move?

Is it within us,
To yell and to scream?
Or are we content,
To just listen and dream?

Of a world that is peaceful,
A world without fear,
A world without upset,
Can't we wish my dear?

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (2)

A very profound write, Aisha. I think we can all identify with one 'type' or the other. The world is unfair but do we dare to fix it? Brian
Good ideas; good poem. Eventually all those bullies will bully each other to oblivion and leave the rest of us here to get along with our lives. We can only hope.