(04 October 1943 / Germany)

After All

After all
I started to realize
That there are
God things
In me

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interesting and inventive...........i love unicorns.x
How old are the kids? A Bumblebe Turns Gay (risky) Spider Gus (X-rated) May I suggest The Perfumed Donkey, Yolanda, there are quite a few about animals, frogs, wombats but I would have to try to find them. let me know I am honoured.....
I've just printed this out for my class, Herbert, as they're doing a project on certain animals. Have you got any poems on the following other animals: bees, chameleons, tortoises, owls, and spiders? They're also doing cats. I'm just off to your 'Cat and Cadillac' number. What's your news, Herbs? G.