Two Women Of Love

In love as in life things do not always go well
Two women of love with different stories to tell
In different ways by love they were both left in tears
And due to love grief and disappointment can linger for years

One of them her true love as a young man tragically died
By the reaper of lives of love and happiness she was denied
And she in her grief is left to contemplate
How she will mentally recover from the death of her soulmate

By life's reaper robbed of her happiness in life
They did plan to marry she would be his wife
Her grief at his passing it does not go away
The memories of love does not die in a day

The other woman by the man she loved was betrayed
And anger and bitterness in her it is slow to fade
Their love affair came to an acrimonius end
When she discovered that he had been sleeping with her friend

A broken affair of the heart has left her feeling down
Her misfortune was to fall in love with a young stud of the town
The mental hurt of love's disappointment for ages remain
She may not fall in love in a hurry again

Two young women who do know of love's mental hell
Of life's heartache and grief with different stories to tell
That love is not always blissful only true to say
And because of it stories of sorrow and grief every day.

by Francis Duggan

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