Tyger Eyes

Poem By Scorpio Tiger

kitten purrs softly
flips over, rolls on her back
stretching and lazy

I laugh, stroke her fur
she rolls again, then jumps up
rubs against my leg

out hops a cricket
across the room, oblivious
of ancient genes, and
jungle rhythms

I turn to see my
kitten now has Tyger eyes
her body transforms

to fluid power
contained, waiting, ready, taunt
seeming to expand

silky energy focused
quiet liquid movement
airborne explosion

timed just right to kill

and I wonder if
her golden eyed ancient mother
would be proud

Comments about Tyger Eyes

all i can say is: Meeeeoww!
Very very interesting...tiger eyes of the kitten...godd work indeed

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4,8 out of 5
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