I'm a gorgeous rose, blossoming with the dawn
Tear off the petals and leave only the thorns
No one sees the tears on this clown's face
but I've cried enough to wash me from this place

Heaven awaits, heaven awaits
Cage to stage, the lines that fade
I'm the king and I'm the fool
'Entertain! '
You're so damn vain
My life is wasted on you

Oh, you smiling faces, hold your applause
The ground grows flowers to hide scars of war
With the morning Sun I will rise, to meet the
man with the gun by his side - oppressive hands
All I have to lose are my chains!

Heaven awaits, heaven awaits

Eighty-six shots fired
Eighty-six shots fired
Eighty-six shots fired into me
Eighty-six shots fired, I'm struggling to breathe
Eighty-six shots fired, my heart ceases to beat
Eighty-six shots fired, to set me free!

Rage pent-up inside of me
rusting my sanity
You'll have no pardon,
beg you please
What is this word ‘humanity'?
If I make it out this place,
I'll find out where you cowards lay
No blood will drain out from my face
As I stomp you to your fucking graves!

by Victor Bucarizza

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Tyke is the reason I got into animal rescue work ❤️ tyke is the reason I became aware. This ♥️