When I looked into your eyes
It almost made me cried
While you were in my arms
I rocked you to go back to sleep
But you didn't want to go back you just stared into my eyes

You make me smile every time I see you
The most precious thing in this world
You me realize that I wish I had a child like you
You're almost 14 months and I can't believe how much you're growing

The way you try to run to me
When you fall into my arms
And the way you reach and sometimes jump in my arms
It warms my heart that you trust me
That you love me just the way I am

You mean the world to me like you're my own
So cute and adorable but yet you can throw one of your fits
I wouldn't change it for nothing in this world
The way you follow me around I love that and I love you so much don't ever forget that

July 13,2009

* Its about this lil boy i have at the daycare and at church in the nursery


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