Typical British Weather Forecast

It will be raining all Day
with short intervals of showers
you may not see the sun
for many many hours

by David Darbyshire

Comments (6)

Dreht zweimal sich der Wetterhahn, so zeigt er Sturm und Regen an. Love, Fran the Fan xx
My garden's a swimming pool, my plants are rotting away, the slugs are doing the breast stroke, need I say more? Love, Fran xx
Apparently David, we've go it the whole week, so you are really in vogue. When will our Summer begin! Good write. Love Ernestine XXX
And just think, I wanted to go to London Maybe I should rethink if this is all it does in spring. Good one Dave Patricia
Where were we when the weather were fair? Whether wither or weather much wetter we were! Lift the hosepipe ban now! Danny
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